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The creation of Silver Bullet Gun Oil was in no way sponsored or affiliated with the US Government. This is a product of "WE THE PEOPLE" of the United States of America.

About Silver Bullet Gun Oil

SILVER BULLET GUN OIL, is a HIGHLY EFFECTIVE Counter-Islamo terrorist force multiplier. SILVER BULLET GUN OIL WAS SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED TO PUT DEMORALIZING FEAR AND TERROR INTO SUPPOSEDLY "FEARLESS" ISLAMOFACIST TERRORISTS, AND TO GREATLY INCREASE WEAPONS RELIABILITY. SBGO is NOT a "Gimmick", it is a highly refined blend of Super and Nano lubricants in the highest grade carrier oils. SBGO is the ONLY 21st century weapons lube designed and created specifically for 21st century firearms and weapons systems. MIT, NASA and independent research formed the basis for the formula used in SBGO weapons lubes. Beliefs of enemies of the United States and it's allies is also incorporated into the formula. Every bottle filled since the beginnings of SBGO in 2004 has a GUARANTEED 13% NONCORROSIVE PORK GREASE in it. HOW DOES SILVER BULLET GUN OIL WORK? SILVER BULLET GUN OIL CONTAINS 13% USDA LIQUEFIED PIG FAT and is mixed with our blended, hi-grade weapons OIL and NASA grade ONLY superlubricants. SBGO IS DESIGNED FOR USE IN ALL FIREARMS. The oil is applied to the inside of the barrel and the actions of any firearm or weapons system. When fired, BULLETS ARE COATED WITH SILVER BULLET GUN OIL CONTAINING THE PIG FAT. The PIG FAT IS TRANSFERRED TO ANYTHING THE BULLETS STRIKE. The coating of OIL CONTAINING PIG FAT effectively DENIES entry to Paradise to any Islamo-Fascist terrorist KIA with a bullet coming from a firearm using SILVER BULLET GUN OIL as directed. SILVER BULLET GUN OIL uses the belief system of Islamo-Fascist terrorists to put fear of death into them. ISRAEL HAS USED CONTAINERS OF PORK GREASE TO DETER MURDER BOMBERS IN THEIR PUBLIC TRANSPORT SINCE 2004.

SILVER BULLET GUN OIL can be used in or on ALL weapons and weapons systems.pour some on the remains of ''suicide bombers'' for the same effect-No Paradise! FOR MAXIMUM IMPACT DOWNRANGE; USE ''SILVER BULLET' GUN OIL' AND MAKE SURE THE ISLAMO-FASCIST COWARDS KNOW IT! SILVER BULLET IS A TRUE ''FORCE-MULTIPLIER''. Many Thousands of bottles of Silver Bullet Gun Oil have been distributed since July of 2004 by its creator and the many SBGO distributors, to members of ALL U.S. Military branches. This includes members of US Marine Infantry, Marine Recon, US Marine Scout Sniper (SS) units, Navy Seals, regular Army members, Army Rangers, Green Berets, Airmen, Reserve units and National Guard units. US advisors stationed currently [2018] in the ME AO use SBGO to deter terror attacks on their bases. US military base security personnel in the USA use SBGO in their weapons to deter cowardly attacks by ISIS followers. SBGO is used by families of threatened families of US servicemen. Many thousands of US citizens and Law Enforcement personnel in the USA currently use SBGO in their weapons. US Militia personnel use SBGO. Counter-Terror operatives across the planet use SBGO. SEAL Team 6 used SBGO in their weapons when they killed him in his Pakistan compound. They used it more because of the great reliability SBGO gave their weapons than as a form of JUSTICE for him. SBGO has,since 2004, a 100% delivery rate and a 100% satisfaction rate and, again, has been rated by independent exhaustive, unsolicited testing to be the BEST WEAPONS LUBE ON THE PLANET.


Ezekiel 25:17

Death to International Islamic Terrorism
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