Silver Bullet Gun Oil

Silver Bullet Gun Oil, superior high quality blend for FULL and SEMI auto firearms lubrication. SBGO was created to give smaller, lower power weapons such as 9mm and 5.56 mm greatly increased reliability, especially M16/M4 and AR15 platforms. Proprietary oil blend including 13% NONCORROSIVE Pig grease. NASA nanolube technology. Heat resistant to 750 degrees. Pressure resistant to over 500 k lbs. Lowest coefficient of kinetic friction. Functions in 50 below. SBGO has been PROVEN to solve many, if not all Stoner rifle design functioning problems. Will not burn off even under sustained fire use. Low smoke signature. SBGO is a 21st century weapons lube for 21st century weapons. It has been rated in independent testing as #1 firearms lube. Semper Fi

SBGO Ace(s), mag stickers, unit sticker(s) included. Proudly made in the U.S.A.

$7.50 flat rate shipping any order size.
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